Netherlands – Tourist Guide

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Netherlands – a country of tulips, windmills and bicycles is mainly flat reclaimed land. Sophisticated urban centers and sleepy provincial towns fit into a vast panorama created by winding canals, walls and dams. In the capital city life does not set for a moment, they are constantly at the epicenter of business bustle and activity of seasonal festivals, cultural and artistic events …

Netherlands – a state in the north-west Europe area 42 thousand square meters. km. In the east it borders with Germany, in the south – with Belgium. In the north and west by the North Sea.

Netherlands – flat country (the “Netherlands” – low land), more than 40% of its surface lies below sea level (the highest point in the country – Vaalserberh, 321 meters, the lowest – 6.7 m below sea level). Large areas in the coastal areas occupied “polders” – artificially brought by parcels of land, the intersection of dams, rivers and canals. About 70% of the country – man-made landscapes, natural areas are very few and they are carefully protected.

The capital of Amsterdam, but the parliament and the seat of government in The Hague.

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Austria – Tourist Guide

Austria– the mountains and lakes, numerous beautiful landscapes, castles, palaces and monasteries, historic towns, varied cuisine, as well as theater, opera, concert halls, friendly people, the possibility of physical education and sport, the whole family … the capital of Austria – Vienna – a city of waltzes and parks. In Vienna, a huge number of hotels of any class. The peculiarity of the center of Vienna – numerous monuments composers who lived here …

Austria is located in the heart of Europe. In the north the country borders with the Czech Republic in the north-east – with Slovakia in the east – with Hungary, in the south – with Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland in the west – with a Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Germany. Most of the territory occupied by the Alps and their foothills, the highest point -, the Grossglockner (3797 m). The total area of the country is 83,8 thousand square meters. km.

The capital of Vienna.

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Greece – Full Guide For Tourists

Greece – the sun, sea, mountains and recreation, but it is steeped in history and culture of the country, numbering five thousand, familiarity with the origins of Western civilization. The traveler should not seek a meeting only with classical Greece. Modern Greece, separated from the ancient period of ancient history, different kind of beauty.

Greece (the modern name of the Hellenic Republic) is located literally at the crossroads of East and West in south-eastern Europe (southern tip of the Balkan Peninsula). Greece is washed by the Aegean, Ionian, Cretan and Libyan Seas. The area of Greece is 132 thousand km The most western point in the country is the island of Corfu, the most southern – the island of Crete, the most easterly – the small island Kastelorizon. Mainland Greece is surrounded by approximately 3.000 islands, 169 of which are inhabited.

The capital of the Hellenic republic – the city of Athens with a population of 4.500.000 people.

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