Italy Travel Guide

Italy is a beautiful country but is one of those countries which you probably have some questions and preconceptions, before your coming to this special country. A place of olive oil, pasta, wine, mafia and sunshine, roman ruins and renaissance palaces, Italy has a lot to give its tourists. Although some of these conceptions are amazing and interesting, it would be a shame if that was the only thing you come away with. Italy is certainly much more complex and stimulating than these concepts.

Italy is a country full of interesting things for the casual tourist and the educated tourist, it has deep Roman Catholic roots. The tourists can stay weeks in important tourist centers without reason to feel bored, but it is equally simple to get off the beaten track. In the north, next to the Alps and the landscapes of the Po river, many cultural gems and highly developed industrial cities fascinate. In this exciting country the people live the “la vita Italiana”.
Lombardia is the capital of Milan, city of business organization and haute couture, the tourist can easily stay weeks without being bored. Bergamo is only an hour of distance and has an upper Old Town. On every corner you will observe something new. Venice and Verona are the most famous tourist attractions in the north-east of Italy, maybe you can think about romantic love affairs here.

The people can discover easily the beautiful landscapes of Italy, Verona province may be the more fascinating. Many persons say that the north-west of Italy is a paradise for every culinary interested traveler. For the people who adore the wine, Piemonte is related with Barolo and Barbaresco, the most famous wines made out of the Nebbiolo grape. Turin is the capital of Piemonte, this city provides more than just a starting point to visit these wine regions. Lots of tourist attractions like museums, modern art, music and book fairs make of this city, one of the notable Italian cities concerning cultural life. At the same time it is a booming industrial and multimedia city.

One of the most popular areas in Italy is Tuscany which is located in central Italy. Known for it’s beautiful landscape and picturesque towns and villages including Florence, Lucca, Siena and Cortona. The Tuscan region is a popular vacation destination with many nice hotels and villas for rent.

The Romans much to be proud of. They have the wonderful remains from 500 years of being the world’s greatest ancient empire. Then, there is the heritage of the great popes of the Renaissance and Baroque. Today, Rome is one of the great wonders of the world. There’s no better way to enjoy it than renting a holiday apartment.

One can feel the profound history the city of Rome possesses. Thousands head to Rome every year to immerse themselves in the unique city and of course “do as the Roman’s do”. Whether it be for the historical landmarks, the exquisite food or the irresistible fashion, one cannot resist the temptation of Rome at least once in their lifetime.